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LollipopLyNn’s new hobby -> DIY decorating with stickers and rhinestone

I think I know what is my new hobby -> sticking and decoration my items with stickers and rhinestone..

It was a totally random night, I found some left over carbon fiber stickers and some fur stickers. Some random thoughts came into my mind =) I decided to decorate my super ugly grey matt looking hard disk. I really hate the look of the hard disk until the extend of not using it. I have no idea why. 


I feel so much better looking at it after decoration. =) Dont you think so? I dint really measure, just cut and paste =) You should try it on something you dont really like to look at. It is fun and challenging. 

I think I will start hunting for more fur stickers and rhinestone =) 

Will share more design real soon =) Bye. 

DIY Healthy Lemon Juice (Tutorial)

Healthy Lemon Juice is a method to supply more alkaline to your body. We have too much acid in us nowadays. 2 cups a day to get your healthy life =)

Well, it might look yummy, but the taste of it should be bitter as we are blending it together with the skin. You can remove the seeds to reduce the bitter taste but not the skin. If you really cant stand the bitter drink, you could add in some honey to make it taste better =)

Follow the steps below to get your own simple healthy drink =) Remember to blend it with the skin, Optional to drink with cold or warm water, good luck and have fun =)


One cup in the morning, one cup at night, keep all toxic away =) =) =)

Liese Bubble Hair Dye : Chiffon Beige [Review]

Liese Bubble Hair Dye : Chiffon Beige

Finally I decided to colour my hair =) =)

I am using Liese Chiffon Beige colour. It is one of the yellow brown family.

Is really easy to colour your hair using liese bubble hair dye, and is real fun to do so =)

But, since this is my first time, I get my boyfriend to do it for me.. ><!!

The sales girl told me that long hair user need to apply 2 bottles, so.. I promise to do the second round myself =)



 First of all, you need to mix the solution 1 into solution 2 like so.


After mixing it,tilt it gently for 5-6 times. Remember, gently!!!


Once you get the solution mixed up,

(it should be one colour and not two different colour).

Put your pump cover on.


Put on your glove provided by Liese,

as I mention earlier. My boyfriend will be doing it for me.

I know he look more like a killer.

Ou well, lets move on.


Dress yourself up with unwanted towels or with something that you don’t mind staining it.



(btw, this is my hair colour before applying the bubble hair dye)


This is the most magical moment for me,

squeeze the bottle and you will get this cool bubble coming out,

but the smell of these bubbles is horrible!!


Apply it on your hair and massage it gently to make sure the bubble cover up your hair.

You don’t want to have uneven hair colour on you. ><

Good Luck doing it. =)


My bubble is not very obvious as I have real long hair and I am doing it in the air-con room.

But that does’t matter as long as your hair is cover entirely by those magical bubbles =)

Now, wait for 20-30 minutes.

I waited for 30 minute to make sure the colour sticks on properly.

After that, shampoo your hair with normal hair shampoo you use daily,

follow by the hair treatment provided by Leise.


The FINAL LOOK after one bottle,

I am very happy with the results, my hair remain smooth and shine.

For those who have brown or blond hair, one bottle would be enough to get the bright brown.

As for me, 1 bottle is not enough to cover up my natural black hair ><

But I believe the colour would look perfect after the second bottle.

Will update more after my second bottle of bubble hair dye =)

see ya =)

美人龙汤 (Beauty Dragon Soap)

It have been a long time since I last watch Taiwan Drama Series.. 

I still remember I could spend my days and nights in front of the tv watching the same drama again and again as all the actress and actors are just so kawaii!!! 

Well, is my semester break now, besides doing my CBTS assignments, and besides my working hours. This is how I spend my entertainment time =P

This is about a twin brothers that have been separated for 26 years and the story move on. 

As for the girl side, a super fat girl having a dream of become a ballerina. Is’t nice if they share the knowledge of “how to diet”. She just turn from 90++ to 40++ in one episode. So unbelievable. 

Okay, back to my drama show. Bye people =P

P.S. Random post to update my blog. See ya =P

LollipopLyNn the SuperWomen of the day

Today will be one of my most busy day ever.. This is my first time, staying in front of laptop with dono how many tabs open, chatting with more than 10 people , on phone for more then 4 hours straight with different people, checking email every 10 minutes waiting for reply, and more communication work to do just to get updates and make sure everything run smooth.. This is also my very first time having a meeting online using skype. Is kind of funny discussing like that.. I should do this more often in future.. haha..

Well, of all day, today is the day of my longest working hour.. =( I felt so sorry for some of my students for raising up my voice for some small mistake.. But after that, I felt happy because they finally correct themselves and doing exactly what I want.. So is not that bad after all =)

I am very tired of repeating the same thing again and again. Besides that, I am also tired of being a nice person. Maybe I should’t care about what others think about me, I should care more on the output instead. Will that make me a better person in term of success?? But, I don’t want people to hate me.. =( Lynn is just being Lynn.. =(

Sigh, I am sorry to those who care for me… I will learn how to control my emotion better next time while I’m in stress.. >< Sorry for saying something that hurt your feelings. Sorry for not taking care of myself.. Sorry for not eating.. and sorry for the ignorance.. Sorry for everything that I had done today =( I dont mean it =( =(

But after all this busy moment,at least I can call off my day with joy now. Everything settle and tata… I am now ready to have a nice date with my dream =) Good night and Sweet dream =)

`* Smile and Leadership can never be friends *`

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